In good companies, people leave managers.

50% of Americans have left a job to 

“get away from their manager at some point in their career.”

- Gallup 2015

A Sample List of Manager Training Topics

All manager training is customized to your needs, here are a few ideas:

1. How to hire the right employee 

2. Training and developing your employees for success of the department

3. How rewards and recognition will retain top talent (and what you can do for free or low cost) 

4. Feedback, performance conversations and accountability 

5. When all else fails – conducting a proper termination 

6. Understand all generations to improve communication - Whitepaper here

7. Understand a high level overview of personality styles in order to improve productivity (individual & group assessments also available using the DiSC model)

8. Emotional intelligence & common sense - it is not what you think

9. Ownership Mindset - get your team in the game 

10. Five ways to destroy your business (or not!) - Whitepaper here

11. Preventing harassment with a respectful, inclusive , civil workplace  

12. Corporate Values: Statements that allow managers to hold employees accountable for their behavior (More on this in my second book)

13. Building your circle of influence (Networking 101 for recruiting of employees and customers)

14. Five ways our employees drive us crazy (and how to deal with it) - Whitepaper here

15. Three things leaders should know about theirselves - in order to get stuff done. (More on this in my first book)

HR / Management Training $750

2-hour interactive onsite training begins at $750 (one or more topics). 

1/2 day (4-hour) onsite workshops begins at $1250 per 4-hour session. 

Full day (8-hour) onsite programs begins at $1800  per 8-hour session. 

Click here for  virtual packages.

Most onsite training sessions are at least two hours however you may choose up to 3 topics at approximately 35-40 minutes each. 

Unlimited attendees.  Let's talk to discover your customized training needs.

The rates listed above are if you do not have a consulting package (hours per month or quarter).  All package and other rates are listed here.  I am flexible, let's talk.

Free Grant Money for Training (FL)

The CareerSource Florida network offers nationally recognized training grants to help Florida companies of all sizes compete and grow. Grants cover a matching portion of training expenses and, in some cases, related equipment and partial wage reimbursement too. Businesses stay in full control of how, when and where they train their employees. CSF has helped hundreds of thousands of employees statewide boost their productivity, while helping their employers grow and compete in a global economy!

Florida Makes also has grant money for manufacturing organizations.

Wendy can connect you with a free proposal writer who can get you the funds needed to bring HR/ management training into your organization.

Interactive Training


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