The HR Lady® is an Author Too


Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady® is an Author Too.

Her first book, “Suck It Up, Buttercup. Be a Leader People Will Follow” is an insightful management book designed to improve your communication skills and understanding of differing personality styles. Learn why and how certain personality styles may cause friction, explore the many ways in which communication can falter, and even delve into the surprising role that common sense plays in these scenarios. The highlight of the book is Chapter 10, a unique “Acting Lesson” that invites you to embrace change, albeit for just 15 minutes a day. This brief, targeted practice could help catalyze a profound transformation in your professional life. This compact read is packed with valuable wisdom for anyone eager to enhance their managerial acumen.  

Her second book, “The Asshole Whisperer, How To Deal With Crappy Leaders and Jerks at Work” contains true stories and tips. You will learn how to use company values to hold people at work accountable for their conduct, how to give feedback about attitudes or behavior, and how to quickly assess and utilize personality traits to your benefit.  

Why? So you can get work done.

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Wendy Sellers
Wendy Sellers, known as “The HR Lady®,” is a dedicated HR consultant and business partner of all size businesses, a conference speaker, and management trainer who specializes in understanding the unique culture and goals of organizations in order to improve business outcomes.

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