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Employee Handbook

The word document for a simple employee handbook has notes to remind you to keep, edit, or delete sections. While an employment attorney has vetted this employee handbook, it is advised to have your attorney review it. It is recommended to train all managers on every policy and also to conduct employee training for new hires and current employees too.  The regular price is $1500.

Suck It Up, Buttercup

Unleash your leadership potential with this management book which covers topics ranging from understanding personality styles to general communication and the concept of common sense.  This thought-provoking book emphasizes that you must shut up and listen to be a leader people will follow and that sometimes, you might be part of the problem. The last chapter is optional “homework”.  Available in print and audio on Amazon.

The Asshole Whisperer

This short, sassy management book contains true stories and tips to deal with crappy leaders and jerks at work. You will learn to use company values to hold people accountable for their conduct, give feedback about attitudes, and quickly assess and utilize personality traits to your benefit.  Assholes are part of our lives: we can’t escape them,, it is how we deal with them that makes the difference.  Available in print and audio on Amazon.

A Lo Hecho,

Los líderes dominantes y directos que no se emocionan hacen el trabajo, ¿verdad? 

Hágase cargo y vaya al grano, ¿verdad? Otras personas que permiten que sus emociones se interpongan en el camino de los negocios necesitan simplemente “aguantarse”.  ¿Correcto? ¡Incorrecto!


La Encantadora de Cabrones

Relatos verdaderos acerca de liderazgo de mierda, tarados en el trabajo y consejos para lidiar con todo esto” y “A lo hecho, pecho. Sé un líder que los demás seguirán”. 

Como escritora, oradora y consultora de recursos humanos en los EE. UU., mantiene la realidad, va al grano rápidamente y ¡nunca endulzará la situación!