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Wendy Sellers is an HR expert who focuses on being relatable without overcomplicating things. She has many topics for interactive, facilitated workshops focused on management training and leadership development and will work with you to customize your meeting. Two of the most popular for conferences are listed below.


Three Things Leaders Should Know (If Leaders Only Knew What We Really Think Of Them)

(1) Your personality annoys us

(2) Common sense isn't common and 

(3) You suck at communicating  

This humorous session is about reflecting as a professional and asking the question: "Am I part of the problem?" Employees, managers, and leaders will come out of these events with a new perspective to change their workplace behaviors and actions immediately. 

Participants will learn about the 4 personality styles using the DiSC model and how the differences can cause (and resolve) interpersonal conflict. We will dive into the fact that common sense is actually a set of skills learned by a common group of people and why it is imperative to take away judgment and offer to teach the skills that are lacking. And finally, the concept of active listening through distractions will be spotlighted through a short group activity.

Relate. Advise. Lead.

Relate. Advise. Lead.

Hot Topics

Five Ways Our Employees Drive Us Crazy and How to Prepare for It!

(1) They don't listen 

(2) They make so many mistakes

(3) They have no common sense 

(4) They have an entitlement mentality  

(5) They just don't care

This is also a humorous session about reflecting as a manager or leader. We will review each point and analyze WHY employees do things to drive us crazy. Hint: It is most likely their manager using ineffective strategies of (1) clear two way communication, (2) training and development methods, (3) making assumptions about their skills, (4) forgetting that it is 2019 not 1990 and (5) not engaging employees effectively.

Contact Wendy for many other speaking topics related to HR and Leadership including but not limited to: 

  1. Understanding all Generations to Improve Communication
  2. Preparing for 2025 by Retaining & Engaging Millennials 
  3. Understanding Personality Styles to Improve Productivity 
  4. Emotional Intelligence & Common Sense - It Is Not What You Think!
  5. Ownership Mindset - Get Your Team in The Game
  6. Five Ways to Destroy Your Business (Or Not!)
  7. Preventing Harassment with a Respectful and Inclusive Workplace (a separate session on rudeness and civility is also available)
  8. Vision, Mission, Values - The glue that holds on an organization together
  9. Five Ways Our Employees Drive Us Crazy
  10. 3 Things Leaders Should Know

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"You might be part of the problem" 
   -  The HR Lady

"You might be part of the problem" - The HR Lady

Employee Engagement

Engage your team and improve your bottom line. -  The HR Lady

Suck It Up, Buttercup - Author Interview

What do you mean when you say Suck It Up? 

What makes a good leader? 

What is up next for The HR Lady, an HR expert, leader, author and speaker??

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3 Things Leaders Should Know

Enjoy this 25-minute session on 3 Things Leaders Should Know: (1) Your personality annoys people (2) Common sense is not common and (3) You suck at communication. Read more in my book "Suck It Up, Buttercup."  

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