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People Stay For The Workplace Culture

Get & Keep The Awesome Culture That You Want via Manager Training and Employee Training Too. End the Chaos.

The Effective People Management, Full Course is only $500 (a $5000 value)

This 6-hour management training program (12 courses, 30 minutes each) prepares front-line supervisors and managers to take on the responsibilities of leading others. The full training course includes these topics:  

  • Performance & Behavior Management,
  • Communicate Like A Manager,
  • Delegation To Gain Time,
  • Understand Personality Styles,
  • Build Accountability,
  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Hiring Best Practices,
  • Motivate and Inspire,
  • Don’t Break Employment Laws,
  • Show Respect,
  • Build Good Work Relationships,
  • Grow a Great Culture.


In addition to quizzes and certification, this program has a lot of downloads, including a list of Do/ Do Not Ask Interview Questions, a Job description template, an Employee Review template, and so much more. Attendees can view the materials and complete the program at their pace.

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A Focus on Feedback, Accountability, and Communication, Only $250

Are you looking for ways to improve your feedback, accountability, and communication skills in order to improve employee engagement, productivity and innovation? if so, hen these short manager training courses are perfect for you! In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Provide feedback effectively
  • Hold people accountable
  • Communicate like an effective manager


This short training  series is designed for entry-level supervisors as well as experienced managers. Plus, these courses are affordable and convenient, so you can learn at your own pace and on your own time.  

Pair it with coaching and advice from The HR Lady. 

Signup today and start improving your skills! 

The course includes a quiz and certification of completion.


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Hiring Best Practices and Legalities, $200

Are you looking to improve your hiring processes and understand federal laws?

This two-part course prepares supervisors, managers, operations, and HR with a brief overview of practices for hiring, including three types of interviews and how to conduct each properly. This course also covers a high-level overview of employment laws to keep your business out of court!

In just one hour, you’ll learn how to:

  • Conduct effective interviews
  • Assess candidates’ skills and experience
  • Make hiring decisions that are in the best interests of your business
  • Avoid legal landmines (and stay out of court)
  • A lot of downloads and templates (free).


Get Today For Only $200

Recruiting & Onboarding Best Practices, $200

Are you looking to improve your recruiting and onboarding practices?

If so, then this 60-minute training course is perfect for you! This course prepares you with best practices for effective recruiting (yes, planning is required before that job ad goes live) and onboarding that gets your new hires to stay!

In just one hour, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop effective recruiting strategies that attract top talent
  • Create a positive and welcoming onboarding experience that helps new hires get up to speed quickly
  • Build a strong company culture that employees are proud to be a part of
  • Stop wasting money on ineffective job ads

Get Today For Only $200 

An Introduction To Conducting Workplace Investigations,

Are you a manager or HR professional who is responsible for conducting workplace investigations? 

This 90-minute courses begins to prepare managers and HR to properly and legally complete workplace investigations.

You will you’ll learn how to:

  • Conduct a fair and impartial investigation
  • Gather and preserve evidence
  • Interview witnesses
  • Write a comprehensive report
  • Recommend appropriate action


Here are just a few of the benefits of the training:

The instructor, Wendy Sellers, is a Certified Workplace Investigator and will be your instructor for this course. Wendy has over 25 years of experience in human resources including workplace investigations. She is passionate about helping employers create a safe and productive work environment.

Get Today For Only $250

Prepare Your Team for Professionalism Expectations, $100

Is your company looking for a way to create a more professional and respectful workplace?

If so, then this short 30-minute training course is perfect for you and your team!

In just half an hour, your employees will:

  • Learn about the expectations for professionalism, trust, and respect in your workplace.
  • Take a quiz and receive a certificate of completion.


This brief but impactful training is designed for all levels of employees, so you can be sure that everyone is getting the information they need to succeed. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of this training:

This course is a great option for new hire onboarding as well as for employees who are being held accountable for inappropriate workplace behavior.  The quiz and certification ensures they understand that this is serious business. It is suggested to supplement this course with an explanation of your company values (which Wendy can help you create) and any other workplace behavior expectations (all signed by the employee).

Get Today For Only $100

Manager Training Helps Control The Chaos

Manager in chaos
Frantic Manager in chaos
Frantic Manager

Reviews of the On-Demand Courses by The HR Lady

I started this 12 modules of virtual manager training during the holiday break and I must say I LOVE IT!!! The 30 mins segments provides in-depth concepts and best practices in leadership. I love how it provides tools you can put to use right away. This training has challenged me to think outside of the box and assess if the way I do things still works! I highly recommend this boot camp series for leaders or aspiring leaders. – Business Associate, Childcare Resource

I really enjoyed the shorter, fully packed management training courses. You can easily soak up all the knowledge, with little downtime. It has helped me to control the chaos in my department New Manager, Production

The Professionalism, Trust, and Respect course was just what we needed. With everything going on in our country and across the globe, some conversations were getting a little too heated and disruptive. Now we use this course as a reminder to keep conversations professional and respectful so we can listen to others opinions (even when the opposite of ours) and retain trust. – Law Firm

I have never heard of an ambivert until today. Learn something all the time. –New Supervisor, Retail

This was the perfect length. I appreciate your straightforward approach and am going to have all my supervisors enroll. Continuous feedback is something we are working on right now. Director, Manufacturing Industry

This manager training will help me become a better leader by motivating employees, setting schedules for jobs in production, and giving them a timeline to complete each task. I have already changed my approach and processes and see better employee productivity results. – Line Lead, Manufacturing

For anyone who wants to want to improve their people management skills and promote a positive work culture, the Effective People Management Certificate is just what you need. – Engineering Recruiter

This course taught me how to reframe conflict and not to see a conflicting situation in a negative light but to step back and reframe the situation in order to try to understand the situation from the other’s perspective. Nursing Home Supervisor

One key takeaway for me is that I need to be engaging in regular feedback with my employees to find out what’s going on and how to improve/help. I am interested in trying out the SWOT technique for monthly reviews, and also the Check-In’s for weekly discussions. – Supervisor, Graphic Design

Effective employee management really is vital to the success of the company. Unhappy people lead to unhappy customers. Great tips and super short videos. ThanksExecutive Director, Healthcare Industry

I now realize I am often an enforcer and rarely a coach, so my takeaway is to practice being a coach.Department Manager & Engineer

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