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Customized Management Training Courses, Employee and HR Training Programs for Employee Retention
How do I teach an employee new skills?

Interactive and Impactful Training

Within 4 weeks of the completion of our customized management training program, we got back an ROI of 25x our original investment. After each training session, I saw a change in our managers communication and our employee productivity.  Turnover slowed and engagement increased! Hire Wendy Sellers for  manager training and HR advice immediately. – Gerry, COO

  • All trainings are customized to your specific needs. Training courses begin at 60 minutes to half-day, full day and series options.
  • Review the sample list of training topics below and on the downloads page.
  • Wendy is also available as a podcast guest.
  • Check out The HR Lady’s free Podcast, YouTube, and online store.
  • On-demand training courses can be purchased today; simply go to the video training page.


  1. Learn How to Use CHATGPT” Leverage AI in HR and Management: from assistance with creating interview questions, job descriptions and ads, policies, and memos as well as SMART Goal development, and conflict management scenarios: this course will help get your checklist marked off with two-way communication flowing effective.
  1. Navigate your new leadership role confidently with the “So, You’re a New Supervisor! Now What?” course.
  1. Master leadership essentials with the “Management 101 for New Managers/Refresher” half-day session.
  1. Secure top talent in your industry to hire the best in a competitive market and promote a great company culture, “Preparation for the Recruiting and Onboarding Process is Key” training.
  1. Ensure compliance with legal changes regarding “2024 Salary Exemption Changes as well as changes to Independent Contractor Status”
  1. Solidify your corporate identity with the “A Focus on Company Values to Hold All Employees Accountable for Their Behavior” course.
  1. Handle sensitive situations with grace with the “Terminating Employees: Legally & Respectfully”
  1. Promote respect, embrace inclusivity and diversity, and minimize legal risks with the “Preventing Workplace Harassment and Bias” program. This course is for employees as well as managers.
  1. Equip your leaders for conflict resolution with the “Why Every Supervisor Needs to Understand Conflict Resolution & Difficult Conversations” program.
  1. Cultivate a culture of personal growth with the “Training & Development to Retain High Performers” course.
  1. Reward and motivate your team on a budget with the “Rewarding Employees on a Tight Budget” course.
  1. Enhance team dynamics with the “Understanding Personality Styles to Improve Productivity” program.
  1. Bridge generational gaps with “Understand All Generations to Improve Communication” training.
  1. Build a high-performing team with “Understanding & Navigating the 5 Behaviors of a Team” course.
  1. Develop managerial excellence with the “Coaching Skills for Managers and HR”
  1. Boost knowledge with the “Emotional Intelligence & Common Sense – It is Not What You Think” program.
  1. Ensure fair treatment for pregnant employees with “Pregnant Workers Fairness Act” training.
  1. Foster inclusivity and maintain legal compliance with the “Hearing Disabilities & the ADA” program.
  1. Address sensitive issues head-on with the “Dealing with Gambling Issues in the Workplace” course.
  1. Maintain professionalism with “Politics and Religion: Controlling the Workplace Conversation” training.
  1. Foster effective communication with the “Developing Listening Skills to Improve Communication” program.
  1. Prevent HR from becoming saddled with complaints via the “Prevent the HR Department from Becoming the Complaint Department“. Hint: It involves training managers.
  1. Ensure compliance and best practices with the “Conducting an HR Audit” course.
  1. End the year on a high note with the “End of Year HR Checklist” course.
  1. Stay ahead of the curve with “AI and Predictive Analytics are Changing HR and Recruiting: The Legal Risks and Rewards”
  1. Make data-driven HR decisions with “HR Metrics That Matter – And Get the Attention of the C-Suite”
  1. Boost employee wellbeing with the “Why Every Company Needs an Employee Assistance Program” program.
  1. The “Active Shooter in the Workplace”course is designed to equip you with the best practices necessary to enhance your teams’ chances of survival.
  1. The session “What Employers Should Know About Anxiety, Stress, and PTSD” teaches what you should know regarding these three conditions specifically related to the ADA.
  1. The course “Conducting Workplace Investigations”is designed to help you conduct a proper workplace investigation, which is important as the investigation itself (or the actions taken resulting from the investigation) could become grounds for a discrimination, harassment, or a retaliation claim.


Effective People Management Training Series: This 6 hour on-demand, online training and/or customizable, live training program consists of the topics ranging from Building Accountability and Commitment, as well as a Trusting & Respectful Environment to Communicating Like a Manager, Giving Effective Feedback, Hiring Well and Understanding Basic Employment Laws, and other too including Delegating Productively, Motivating and Inspiring, Resolving Conflict and Building a Great Work Culture.


Many more topics are available. This is just a list of popular sessions.

Many shorter versions of these trainings are available on-demand right now at https://thehrlady.com/services/video-training/

Information for conferences can be found at https://thehrlady.com/services/speaker/ 


  • “I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding work you’ve been doing recently. Your attention to detail and dedication to your tasks/ projects (give any details you have) have not gone unnoticed. Keep up the excellent work, and thank you for consistently exceeding expectations.”


  • “I’m impressed with your recent performance (on/ with XYZ task or project). Your ability to take initiative and solve problems has positively impacted the team (and here is how…provide details such as budget, meeting deadlines, etc.). Your dedication and hard work are greatly appreciated. Keep it up!”
  • “Your contributions to the project have been outstanding. Your creativity and innovative ideas have helped us overcome challenges and achieve our goals. Your commitment to excellence is commendable, and your positive attitude is contagious. Thank you for your exceptional work.”
  • “I’ve noticed that there have been some areas where your performance could be enhanced. For example, your communication with the team (on ABC task or project) could be more consistent and proactive. Let’s work together to improve in this area and ensure everyone is on the same page.”
  • “Your work has been satisfactory, but there are opportunities for improvement. Focusing on time management to meet deadlines more consistently would be beneficial. I believe you have the potential to excel, and with some adjustments, you can reach your full potential.”
  • “I’ve observed that your attention to detail could be strengthened in your recent work. It’s important to maintain high accuracy to avoid errors and setbacks. Let’s discuss improving your precision and ensuring our projects are error-free.”
  • “It’s important that we address the concerns about your performance. I’ve noticed that you’re not meeting the expected standards in terms of productivity and quality of work (give examples and specifics). We must work together on a performance improvement plan to help you get back on track.”
  • “Your recent performance has fallen significantly below the company’s expectations. Your frequent lateness and inconsistency in meeting deadlines have affected the team’s productivity. We need to have a serious conversation about how to improve your performance and commitment.”
  • “I’m concerned about your performance, as it has not met our expected standards. I have noticed your lack of engagement and inability to adapt to changes in the workflow. We must address these issues promptly to help you succeed in your role.”

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