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Dynamic Presentations To Drive Change for Your Company Culture and Employee Retention

Wendy Sellers (She/Her), known as “The HR Lady®,” is an involved business partner, educator, and HR consultant whose goal is always about attracting top talent and improving employee retention.  She is a thought leader, conference speaker, management trainer, consultant, advisor, and author with over 25 years of HR operations experience.

Wendy focuses on making things easy to understand, not complicated. Check out the podcasts that she hosts and guests on regarding HR, management, and leadership. Wendy is authentic and transparent – she keeps it real! There is never any sugar-coating! The podcast is now on the radio too.

As a realistic, witty, and energetic consultant, management trainer, leadership speaker, podcast host, and guest, Wendy has many HR programs, management courses, and employee training topics for interactive, facilitated workshops or webinars focused on employee retention, management development, leadership training, and company culture. 

Download her Media Kit and Sample Training topics from Google Drive → here.

Scroll down for a few popular conference topics. 

 We received VERY positive feedback from our attendees regarding your presentation. 

 Fabricators Conference.

 Our team listened to you due to your approach. No BS. It worked!

– Manny (conference attendee) 

Conference Speaker Experience

Sample List of Conferences:

  • Associated General Contractors of America 2023/ 2024
  • Associated General Contractors of The Carolina’s 2024
  • Cornerstone IMPACT 2024 (Credit Unions)
  • Wisconsin Association of School Personnel Administrators 2024
  • Prairie View A&M University, Texas, 2024
  • The Campground Conference and Trade Show 2024
  • Florida Makes Management Fundamentals for Manufacturing (2020-2024)
  • Hospitality Human Resource Association 2023: How HR Can Use ChatGPT
  • National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employers 2023
  • Campground Management Conference of NJ 2023/ 2024
  • Camaraderie Foundation (Military Vets) – every year (volunteer trainer/ speaker)
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry 2022
  • Early Learning Coalition – Orange County, Educator/ Provider Conference 2022
  • Illinois School Nutrition Association 2022
  • Hacking HR Global Conference Speaker, Panelist and Volunteer 2021, 2022
  • AAPPSPA | Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology | Conference 2020, 2021
  • Fabricators Conference, hosted by Chelsea Building Products 2020, 2022
  • Florida Entrepreneur Success Network, Panelist/ Host 2021
  • Florida Transportation Builders Association, DOT Conference & Trainings 2021
  • HR Talk! Podcast 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Disrupt HR Orlando, Gainesville and Daytona FL (2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Early Learning Coalition – Business 2019, 2020, 2021
  • ChildSavers Business Conference – 2020
  • HR Florida Conference 2015-2020
  • UF Inspiring Women Leaders Conference 2019
  • Rollins College Student HR Conference 2019
  • Go for the Greens Conference, Disney, 2019
  • Ignite Strategic Growth, Small Business  Leadership Conference, Orlando 2019
  • Leadership Seminole, 2015-2018
  • Leadership Suwannee, 2019
  • FL Tax Collectors Conference, 2019
  • Grainger HR Conference 2019
  • Lake -Sumter Medical Society 2019
  • United Way NCF Small Bus Summit 2019
  • World at Works, Total Rewards Conference. 2015 & 2019
  • UCF College of Business, Keynote 2018
  • Medical All Stars, Florida Expo 2018 & 2019
  • Jacksonville and Space Coast SHRM Annual Conference(s) speaker
  • CareerSource Florida Workforce  Development Summit, 2016, 2017
  • CareerSource Polk Conference 2019
  • SCORE Orlando, Daytona, Jacksonville 2015-2019
  • Multiple Local/ Regional/ State HR Associations 2015-2024
  • Many more… Speaker HR Management Leadership Business…

Popular 2024 Conference Topics: 


🎯 How to Attract and Retain Amazing Employees

✴️ Three Things Leaders Should Know 

5️⃣ 5 Ways Our Employees Drive Us Crazy and What To Do About It

🤖 How To Use ChatGPT at Work To Save Time and Your Own Sanity


Descriptions of these popular topics are listed below and are customizable.   Download her Media Kit and Sample Training topics from Google Drive here.  

Email, call, or text 407.493.1582 /  .

Wendy is a podcast host and is also available as a podcast guest.



Wendy Sellers, HR trainer and speaker

How to Attract and Retain Amazing Employees

This session is based on the current reality that many companies are facing: 

⇥ low employee retention

⇥ low employee engagement

 an inability to attract new employees for the long term

  general frustration among managers and employees because of all of these things


Participants will learn how to attract, recruit, and retain staff effectively by:

✔︎ Being prepared throughout the entire employee lifecycle, beginning with recruiting and onboarding

✔︎ Implementing employee training & development programs

✔︎ Becoming or hiring true leaders who listen and use empathy

✔︎ Getting rid of poor performers and those with bad attitude


Attend and look forward to a successful future. Don’t look backwards, as we are not going there. HR Speaker HR

Speaker Human Resources
✽ Three Things Leaders Should Know…in order to get stuff done ✽ 

This session is about reflecting as a professional and asking, “Am I part of the problem?”.  

Managers and leaders need to understand that:

✔︎  Your personality annoys us

✔︎  Common sense isn’t common and

✔︎  You suck at communicating.

Employees, managers, and leaders will come out of this session with a new perspective and a desire to change their workplace behaviors and actions immediately. 

Participants will chuckle while learning about the four personality styles using the DiSC model, and how the differences can cause – and resolve –  interpersonal conflict.  We will dive into the fact that common sense is not common …because it is a set of skills learned by a common group of people. This is why it is imperative to take away judgment and teach the skills that are lacking. Finally, the concept of active listening through distractions will be spotlighted through a short group activity. 

Wendy’s leadership book “Suck It Up, Buttercup” goes a few steps further on this topic.  

Speaker Employee Retention and Engagement
✽ Five Ways Our Employees Drive Us Crazy and What To Do About It ✽ 

 They don’t listen  

 They make so many mistakes

 They have no common sense

 They have an entitlement mentality

 They just don’t care

This is a humorous session about reflecting as a manager or leader. We will review each of these frustrations and analyze WHY employees do things to drive us crazy. 

🤪Hint: it is most likely that their manager is not using effective strategies of: clear two-way communication, training and development methods, making assumptions about their skills, forgetting that it is 2024, not 1990, and not engaging employees effectively.

Don’t go 👉🏻 finger pointing at the manager though as most managers are placed into their roles with no training or coaching and expected to magically acquire management skills through osmosis! 
Participants will learn:
  • To Understand Common Frustrations Managers Have and Underlying Causes,
  • To Improve Communication Strategies to Engage and Motivate Employees, and 
  • To Develop Strategies for Providing Targeted Training and Development Opportunities.
Wendy’s trainings and conference speeches can help close these skill gaps. 
Realistic HR Conference Speaker

✽ How To Use ChatGPT ✽ 


🤖 Unlock the secrets of skyrocketing productivity in your department with our exciting training on “How To Use ChatGPT”. 


✔︎ Imagine a world where tasks are efficient but also fun and engaging. 


✔︎  Learn how ChatGPT can revolutionize your processes. 


✔︎   Say goodbye to hours of mundane research and hello to a world of streamlined communication, lightning-fast data analysis, and creative problem-solving. 


In this private or public session, you’ll learn how to use ChatGPT from expert user and trainer Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady ®.  You will walk away with a lot of advice, tips and the ability to start using ChatGPT right away so you can clear off your To Do List.


Don’t miss the chance to transform your operations into an exciting, productivity-boosting adventure! 


Check out the Training/ Speaking Topics (download) and management training services

How To Use ChatGPT, Speaker


100% Worth Every Penny.

Wendy is a great speaker. She keeps the audience’s attention and has an engaging style that delivers knowledge with high energy and humor. 

Professionals all around the country will enjoy her presentations on leadership and other management, HR topics. You will be delighted when she delivers one of her presentations for your conference or organization. We always are! 

Her knowledge and advice have served this association well. She is my favorite Leadership / HR speaker.

– Manufacturing Association

The HR Lady Podcast is Now On The Radio Too.

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