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  • Do you want to implement employee surveys to gather info in order to improve employee retention and overall culture?
  • Do you need realistic supervisor & manager training?
  • Do you need on-demand, training courses online, right now?
  • Do you need expert HR advice for employee challenges?
  • Do you need guidance for committee-driven initiatives?
  • Do you want a management book or two?
  • Do you need recruiting guidance?
  • Do you need help with clashing personality styles ?
  • Do you need a simple policy written or an entire handbook
  • Do you need an HR form or other resource?
  • Do you need a conference speaker?

Trust Drives The Bottom Line

Negative or careless HR practices and lack of management training foster fear and encourage a reputation that the company doesn’t care about its people. Even if the main priority is the bottom line (and let’s face it, it is), leaders need to understand that environments and relationships where people feel respected, valued, and trusted drive the bottom line (into the red or green). This is why you need a seasoned HR Consultant such as Wendy Sellers (As Seen in USA Today) to help drive trust and your bottom line into the green.  

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Conduct Employee Surveys,
Then Implement Change Using
Committee-Driven Initiatives

Client Situations

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Company Values Are Vital For Strong Teams

The HR Lady Can Help You Create Company Values That Will Impact Your Bottom Line, Long-Term

Company values are a set of behaviors the company believes in and expects team members to uphold. They are sometimes called a moral compass and are often included in a set of ethics.

If you are considering creating a set of values for your company, proceed with deliberate action because every member of management must be guided by these values in their attitudes and behaviors in the workplace – from interviewing to termination.

This means that managers must be trained on how to hold people accountable via behavior management by monitoring and managing behaviors that violate their company values. To truly integrate the company values into your organization, you must plan wisely so your employees will become engaged and your supervisors will be less stressed.

Check out this video from The HR Lady regarding the dreaded conversation about body odor.  Be direct, honest, and empathetic. 

However, be aware of US federal and state laws that may protect employees, such as those addressing disabilities and medical issues. 

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Leadership is not a role or a title. It is action (many actions).

Check out this video from The HR Lady regarding Leadership, Trust, Authenticity, Logic, and Empathy.

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