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Review the articles that feature Wendy Sellers in USA Today and also in International Business Times.

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Testimonials for Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady

Discover the transformative impact of Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady, through the voices of those who have experienced her exceptional HR expertise and guidance firsthand. These testimonials reflect a strong track record of helping businesses thrive by creating positive work environments, enhancing employee relations, and implementing effective HR practices.

Tech Rage IT has been a client of Wendy Sellers for several years and will remain one for many more. Her wealth of expertise and knowledge in the HR industry has played a significant role in the growth of our company, in establishing a culture we love and in the wellness and happiness of our staff. Her top priority for her clients is their success and she truly becomes a member of your leadership team. We appreciate that she educates us on best practices & explains all of our options so we can make educated decisions instead of telling us what to do. 

My employees were not communicating well with each other, and things got to a crisis point where two wanted to quit. I had met Wendy years ago and was impressed. I called her for HR advice, and she met with my staff and had several management training sessions (on DiSC personality styles). We got all the issues on the table, had fun, and improved communication. My staff is happy, morale is high, and we are finally working as a team, which makes me and my patients happy. I highly recommend her.

Thank you for the informative classes. I found your teaching style engaging and effective. I look forward to reviewing all of the resources you have given us and continuing to learn from you. I learned so much from the course and the other interactions with the other attendees.

– Production Supervisor Americas, 

International Power Plant Organization

Wendy is an exceptional HR consultant. She communicates directly and succinctly and knows how to train, motivate, and lead employees through organizational change. I have worked with Wendy for 3 years and often turn to her for HR advice. I highly recommend her for consultation, management training, department turnarounds, and public speaking engagements.

As an HR consultant, Wendy has been a great help to me and my management team. She is extremely professional and knows how to obtain results. She introduced several management practices to establish optimal results in staffing, training, and mentoring employees. – Owner

Wendy has been a great help to me and my management team. She is extremely professional and knows how to obtain results. She introduced several practices to establish optimal results in staffing, training and mentoring employees.