Need help with recruiting and hiring?

Job Description


A proper, updated job description is a hiring road map to success for the candidate, team, department and the entire company. I will provide you with a job description starter and assist you with getting it right. Why? So we can recruit and hire the right person, and then hold them accountable for their job duties.



The job ad should be an enticing yet honest advertisement not just the job description copied and pasted. That is not recruiting!  What are the hours, benefits, and work environment? Who will the candidate work with and where? Why pick me? Your job ad must be a true marketing piece.  In many jobs, you can hire for attitude and train for skill.

Sourcing (Recruiting candidates)


Waiting for the dream candidate to apply is not recruiting - especially in a job market where finding good, qualified help is very difficult. You need to find candidates who might not be actively looking for a new job but are interested in the right opportunity.  You  need to be active both online and in your professional commuity at association meetings for example.



Together we will create a simple scorecard that allows the interviewing team to be fair and consistent in the hiring process. The scorecard will rank the must-have and nice to have knowledge, skills and abilities and also include the company values. Why hiring someone who doesn't fit the company culture? 



Candidates will be pre-screened online, with a few go/ no-go questions pre-determined. The HR Lady will conduct virtual interviews and provide you with interview questions (such as these) as well as the notes of the virtual interviews so your interview team can prepare for the in-person interviews. I can also prep your managers on interviewing do's/ don'ts.



The selection and hiring process team will use the scorecard. This will remove unintentional bias from the process while choosing the best candidate for the job.  You want the person who has the knowledge, skills, abilities and the right attitude that is necessary to be succesful at your company, long term.

How does it work?

Post the job ad

Post your job ad on your preferred advertising site(s) such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Zip recruiter, etc.

Give access

Provide access to the actual recruiting sites or simply have resumes and applications sent to to help with the hiring process.

Wait for final candidates

Wendy will provide you with an ongoing or final candidate list based on your hiring requirements, job description, job ad, go/ no go questions and of course the scorecard. 

What is the cost?

$850 for 10 hours of my time, which is typically how many hours it takes to fill one professional position (excluding hard to fill positions where knowledge, skills and abilities are difficult to find). Low skill positions may take less time. Additionally, you will pay for the job advertisement using websites of your choosing.

Recruiting Websites to Consider


Advice for Job Seekers

Clean up your resume. 

Make it specific to the job you are applying for (yes this takes work, which means this takes a lot of time). Update your LinkedIn to match your resume.

Be active - network, network, network.

Be positive at all costs - no bashing your former employer. No one wants to hire a hot head!

Finally, be sure to follow up promptly.

Recruiting for the Future 2020

Check out this great webinar. Perfect for anyone just getting into recruiting responsibilities.