Transparency With Rates Is Important To Me

Onsite HR, training, recruiting, coaching, etc.

$850 per month for up to 10 hours of my time, either onsite or virtual.  Need more time? Let's talk.

(Central/ North Central Florida area only)

Virtual (live) HR, training, recruiting, coaching, etc

Starts at $850 per quarter for up to 10 hours of my time on a remote/ virtual/ Zoom basis.

DiSC Personality Assessment

   Understand your team members personality styles so you can get them to do what you need them to do. Individual assessment fees begin at $75 (group rates available) and group training session rates begin at $750 ($400 for virtual training).

This interactive training is a real game-changer for supervisors and managers struggling with diverse employee personality styles and communication challenges. Reduce turnover, improve engagement and increase productivity.


Hire a lively, direct, interactive, facilitated conference speaker focused on management training, leadership development and corporate culture. Rates are negotiable but generally begin $750 for most Florida based sessions.

Manager Training is Vital. Why?

  “50% of Americans have left a job in order to get away from their manager at some point in their career.” - Gallup 2015. 

Do not let this be your managers. Recruiting good people is hard enough. Retaining great employees is even more difficult. Remove the top barrier of long-term retention by training your supervisors and managers to be fair, consistent and overall awesome. Your team will work together better and be more productive.  Who doesn’t want that?