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  • Immediate access to 20 policies, forms, guides and tips
  • At minimum of 2 additional courses per month
  • One monthly special podcast session for paid members only
  • Individual access to Wendy Sellers, expert consultant
  • Live online group sessions on hot topics and current affairs
  • Live Q&A and additional advice in group sessions
  • Exclusive access to leadership development resources
  • Practical e-books, audiobooks and associated materials
  • 25% discount on additional services

The HR Lady® Reviews

I have had the privilege of working with Wendy at two organizations. One is a government agency and another with my own company. In all my interactions, Wendy has been very straightforward and knowledgeable. We’ve navigated some rather complex situations over the years and she made sure we were doing everything the correct way. There is no one else I would trust with my HR needs.  

– Amy Stone

I really enjoyed the shorter, fully packed management training courses. You can easily soak up all the knowledge, with little downtime. It has helped me to control the chaos in my department 

New Manager, Production

As a small company without a dedicated HR department, The HR Lady is our go-to advisor for every HR-related question and issue we run into. She is always very quick to respond, and her advice and assistance is always spot on. Highly recommend. Teresa

I started this 12 modules of virtual manager training during the holiday break and I must say I LOVE IT!!! The short  segments provides in-depth concepts and best practices in leadership. I love how it provides tools you can put to use right away. This training has challenged me to think outside of the box and assess if the way I do things still works! I highly recommend this boot camp series for leaders or aspiring leaders. 

Business Associate, Childcare Resource

The Professionalism, Trust, and Respect course was just what we needed. With everything going on in our country and across the globe, some conversations were getting a little too heated and disruptive. Now we use this course as a reminder to keep conversations professional and respectful so we can listen to others opinions (even when the opposite of ours) and retain trust. – Law Firm

For anyone who wants to want to improve their people management skills and promote a positive work culture, the Effective People Management course series is just what you need.

– Engineering Recruiter

I have never heard of an ambivert until today. Learn something all the time. –New Supervisor, Retail

This was the perfect length. I appreciate your straightforward approach and am going to have all my supervisors enroll. Continuous feedback is something we are working on right now

Director, Manufacturing Industry

Wendy has been a great resource for all of our HR needs. I had worked with many HR professionals over the years and none of them compares to Wendy. Her experience and expertise saves me a lot of headaches in the long run. I highly recommend her to any business owner looking for reliable guidance and information. 

Shebby, business owner

If your company is struggling with outdated HR practices, low employee morale, or simply feeling lost in the ever-changing HR landscape, then look no further than Wendy Sellers! She is not just an HR consultant, but also a strategic partner who genuinely cares about the success of the company and it’s employees. Wendy worked with my company when a harassment issue arose with some of my employees. She created and conducted a training session on creating an inclusive and respectful workplace, helped guide me on implementing policies for the future, and provided her expertise on handling this difficult situation in the workplace.

Tina Kuga, Business Owner

Wendy is amazing as what she does. In 3 months time she took me from a poorly managed business, to a very organized business. On top of that I increased 5X my revenue. Totally worth hiring The HR Lady!

Robert Wright, Business Owner

This manager training will help me become a better leader by motivating employees, setting schedules for jobs in production, and giving them a timeline to complete each task. I have already changed my approach and processes and see better employee productivity results. 

Line Lead, Manufacturing

Wendy is very knowledgeable and helpful in all human resources matters. Her knowledge of the law and employment best practices has helped my Habitat affiliate in Central Florida thrive! Wendy provides outstanding customer service and is quick and efficient

– Penny Seater, CEO, Habitat for Humanity

Working with Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady, is always a delight! She is gifted at getting into the nitty gritty of helping businesses with their HR needs, as well as, delivering manager development programs that drive the points home in an understandable and useful way!

– Get Courageous Coaching

This course taught me how to reframe conflict and not to see a conflicting situation in a negative light but to step back and reframe the situation in order to try to understand the situation from the other’s perspective.

Nursing Home Supervisor

One key takeaway for me is that I need to be engaging in regular feedback with my employees to find out what’s going on and how to improve/help. I am interested in trying out the SWOT technique for monthly reviews, and also the Check-In’s for weekly discussions. 

Supervisor, Graphic Design

Effective employee management really is vital to the success of the company. Unhappy people lead to unhappy customers. Great tips and super short videos. Thanks

Executive Director, Healthcare Industry

I now realize I am often an enforcer and rarely a coach, so my takeaway is to practice being a coach.

Department Manager & Engineer

 Wendy’s words of wisdom concerning HR and her business advice will become tools in your arsenal!

– Shawn M, Small Business Owner

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a management training class led by Wendy Sellers, widely known as “The HR Lady,” and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Wendy’s knowledge of human resources and management is clear from the moment you begin her training. Her style is both fascinating and insightful, making complicated concepts simple to grasp and use in real-world situations. Wendy’s training programs are precisely developed to solve the most prevalent difficulties that managers confront today. She use a combination of interactive sessions, real-life situations, and practical activities to keep participants engaged while also ensuring that the knowledge is thoroughly imprinted.

Her ability to apply HR ideas to everyday management issues is particularly amazing, resulting in important takeaways that are immediately practical. Wendy distinguishes herself by her sincere desire to assist others in their success. She is more than a trainer; she is a mentor who cares about her students’ growth and development. Her zeal is contagious, and she fosters an environment of free conversation and active engagement. Wendy’s extensive expertise and understanding in the HR industry are clear throughout her presentations.

She delivers actionable insights and best practices that are both current and relevant, making her training workshops extremely beneficial to anyone trying to improve their management skills. I would strongly suggest Wendy Sellers’ management training classes to any business or individual seeking to improve their leadership skills. Her unique blend of expertise, passion, and practical approach guarantees that participants leave with a wealth of information and the confidence to put what they’ve learned into action. – Dan

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