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Wendy Sellers, “The HR Lady®, a seasoned HR consultant, educator, and author, delves into the core of management challenges, leadership development, and becoming an employer of choice with authenticity and a refreshing directness. For those eager to navigate the evolving world of HR and management, “The HR Lady” podcast stands out as a beacon of insight, humor, and no-nonsense advice.

Each episode promises candid conversations, from discussing the intricacies of employee attraction and retention and company culture to navigating difficult conversations and outlining horrible employers of last year. Co-host JC, a rockstar event emcee with an amazing radio voice, and many expert guests offer actionable strategies and a touch of humor to lighten the load. This HR and management podcast also includes a special “adult language series” for mature audiences, focusing on leadership and human resources challenges in today’s dynamic workplace.

Whether you’re an HR professional, a manager seeking to enhance your leadership skills, or someone interested in the complexities of workplace management, “The HR Lady” HR and management podcast is your go-to resource for expert insights and real-world solutions.

Tune in to transform the way you think about HR and leadership development.

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Wendy Sellers
Wendy Sellers, known as “The HR Lady®,” is a dedicated HR consultant and business partner of all size businesses, a conference speaker, and management trainer who specializes in understanding the unique culture and goals of organizations in order to improve business outcomes.

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