Guide to Launching a Private Leadership Development Conference

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Are you looking to elevate your team’s leadership and management capabilities and enhance essential soft skills within your organization? I’ve crafted a one-of-a-kind guide just for you!

The one-page Guide to Launching a Private Leadership Development Conference is a concise blueprint designed to help you host a transformative event right at your doorstep. There is no need to send your team away to gain invaluable training—bring the expertise to them!

🔍 From budgeting to venue selection and technology requirements, as well as essential follow-up actions to maximize the impact of your event – this simple guide has you covered.

💥Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady®, can help your team define your goals and tailor the conference to your company’s needs, including finding relevant speakers and an emcee.

👉 Click here to access the full guide and many free downloads, then start planning your Private Leadership Development Conference today. Let’s make your leadership development vision a reality!

Transform your organization and set the stage for success!

Contact Wendy Sellers anytime for more information and advice @ or 407.493.1582.

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Wendy Sellers
Wendy Sellers, known as “The HR Lady®,” is a dedicated HR consultant and business partner of all size businesses, a conference speaker, and management trainer who specializes in understanding the unique culture and goals of organizations in order to improve business outcomes.

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