Elevate Your Leadership: 13 Must-Listen Management Podcasts of 2024

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In today’s fast-paced business world, staying updated with the latest trends and strategies in management is crucial. Podcasts offer a fantastic way to absorb knowledge from global leaders and thinkers while on the go. Here’s a carefully selected list of podcasts every manager should listen to. Please note that some may require a membership.

1. HBR IdeaCast

This weekly podcast from the Harvard Business Review features conversations with leading thinkers in business and management. The HBR IdeaCast is perfect for those looking to stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of business strategy and innovation.

2. Coaching for Leaders

Dave Stachowiak’s podcast is a treasure trove of actionable leadership insights. Through expert interviews, it covers everything a leader needs to know about team management, personal development, and effective leadership.

3. WorkLife with Adam Grant

Explore the science of making work fulfilling with organizational psychologist Adam Grant. WorkLife dives into the minds of the world’s most creative and unusual professionals to uncover how to transform how we think about our work.

4. Manager Tools

Offering weekly advice on management and leadership, Manager Tools is a practical resource for anyone looking to improve their managerial skills, focusing on effective communication, delegation, and performance management.

5. The HR Lady

Join Wendy Sellers, aka “The HR Lady,” and JC as they tackle the complexities of human resources and management with straightforward advice and wisdom. From compliance issues to fostering a healthy company culture, this podcast is essential for managers who navigate the HR world confidently. Wendy’s practical insights can help you resolve workplace conflicts and enhance employee relations, making it a must-listen for leaders committed to creating positive work environments.

6. Fire Your Hiring Habits

This podcast addresses common hiring challenges and offers innovative solutions for building and retaining high-performing teams. “Fire Your Hiring Habits” is essential listening for managers and HR professionals seeking to improve their recruitment strategies.

7. Leadership and Loyalty (now known as the Dov Baron podcast)

Dive into building loyalty and trust within your team and among customers. This podcast sheds light on the principles of loyal leadership and the dynamics of a trustworthy organizational culture.

8. The Look & Sound of Leadership

Enhance your executive presence and leadership communication with stories and tips from this insightful podcast. It’s a monthly guide to mastering the art and science of effective leadership behaviors and perceptions.

9. Lead to Win

Hosted by Michael Hyatt, “Lead to Win” provides weekly insights into achieving lasting success personally and professionally. The podcast focuses on leadership, productivity, and personal growth, making it a valuable resource for managers looking to lead more effectively.

10. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss interviews extraordinary people from various domains to unpack the tools, strategies, and tactics they use. The Tim Ferriss Show is ideal for managers seeking to optimize their life and work, drawing lessons from the experiences of top performers.

11. HR Empowerment

“HR Empowerment” focuses on empowering HR professionals with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to navigate the challenges of modern human resources. It is a five-series podcast, released each weekday, and covers a wide range of topics, from compliance to employee development. Wendy Sellers and JC co-host this podcast series as well.

12. The Results Driven Organizations Podcast

This podcast explores the strategies and practices behind successful organizations, emphasizing results-driven leadership and management. It offers valuable lessons on achieving organizational goals through effective people management and operational excellence.

13. HR Superstars

A podcast by 15Five that dives into the heart of HR, focusing on the transformation of workplace culture, employee engagement, and leadership development. “HR Superstars” features discussions with leading HR experts and business leaders, offering actionable insights for creating high-performing teams.

Dive into these podcasts to gain insights and strategies for refining your management skills and leadership approach. From mastering HR complexities to exploring innovative business and leadership ideas, knowledge awaits to inspire and transform your leadership journey.

Wendy Sellers
Wendy Sellers
Wendy Sellers, known as “The HR Lady®,” is a dedicated HR consultant and business partner of all size businesses, a conference speaker, and management trainer who specializes in understanding the unique culture and goals of organizations in order to improve business outcomes.

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