The Rebellious Future of Business

Disrupting Business by Sharing Innovative Ideas & Lessons Learned

DisruptHR Gainesville 2.0, after hours

January 22, 2020 

First Magnitude Brewing, Gainesville FL. Only $15.

 Disrupt is an information exchange event designed to energize, inform and empower people in the HR, leadership and business operations fields. Once in a while an event series is born that shakes things up, it makes you think differently. If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, HR professional, a CEO or a community leader – come hear what our speakers have to say about people and culture at work.

You will hear 10 stimulating 5-minute keynote speeches (yes only 5 minutes) that are sure to challenge the tired and outdated business practices that we face on a daily basis.  Finally, you will leave relieved learning how to deal with "that employee situation" while also snagging a few new business contacts.

Adults Only.  Pizza will be provided. First beer is on us!  Food truck will also be on-site.

Speakers & Topics

1. Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady  "5 Ways to Destroy Your Business"

2. Taylor A. Wright aka Coach Tay "Just Be MORE"

3. Sommer Sherrod, Vice President "Purpose Over Programs"

4. Danielle Gertner, Ownership Coach "Growing In and Out of Gainesville"

5. Steve Tishman, Vice President "Team Building Sucks, It’s Awesome! The Bi-Polarizing Perspectives"

6. Leslie Mizerak, Chief Empowerment Officer " Why is Leadership so F-ing Difficult?"

7. David Miklas, Labor & Employment Attorney "What Seinfeld can teach us about managing employees"

8. JJ Jarrell, Corporate Director of HR "Do No Harm"

9. Karen Oakey, HR Director "How Septic Boss Traits Will Flush Your Teams"

10. Pablo Casilimas, CEO "Being Human in a Digital World"

The Rebellious Future of Business

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Disrupt Gainesville 2.0

DisruptHR Gainesville 1.0 #DisruptHRGainesville

Top ways small businesses create legal liability

David Miklas

Labor & Employment Attorney

"Top Ways Small Businesses Create Legal Liability

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Dr. Michael Morris

President at Entrepreneurship Empowerment, Inc.

"What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?"

The other F word (Feedback)

Check out this great video from DisruptHR Gainesville, April 2019

Own your shit

Danielle Gertner

Ownership Coach, Founder, Gertner Grind, Co-Founder, KINECTION tour, 

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Santa Fe Saints 

"Own Your Sh*t: Why Ownership is the Real Secret in the Sauce"

Navigating difficult emotions in the workplace

Carlee Marhefka

Co-Founder Eat the 80, Co-Owner B3 Gym

"Navigating Difficult Emotions in the Workplace"

Men can still lead...and here is WHY we need them

Chris Marhefka

Co-Founder Eat the 80, Co-Owner B3 Gym, TV Host, Altar'd Z Living, Business Coach, 321GoProject, Podcast Host

"Men Can Still Lead...and Why We Need Them"

Knowledge is power; Give it away!

Collin Austin

Founder of Repaint The Wall - A Digital Media Un-Agency, New Scooters 4 Less [NS4L], and WHOA GNV Podcast

"Knowledge is Power. Give It Away and Don’t Be Afraid!”

Trash That Resume!

Efrain "Ricky" Baez

Founder, Baezco Learning

"Trash That Resume"

Don't Be An Asshole Leader

Check out this great video from DisruptHR Orlando, September 2018

5 Ways Our Employees Drive Us Crazy


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