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What is an asshole whisperer?

 What is an asshole whisperer and why do I want you to be The Asshole Whisperer

According to dictionary.com, a “whisperer” is a person skilled in taming or training a specified kind of animal, typically using body language and gentle vocal encouragement rather than physical contact. 

Therefore, in work life, The Asshole Whisperer will be one human taming another human or set of humans who exhibit a crappy attitude and shitty behavior regardless of their technical work performance.  


HR Talks (Podcast)

An Explanation of "A**hole Leaders"

HR Talks Podcast

Click on the image or here podcast link. 

Hear Wendy answer questions about her book and why it has asshole written as a$$hole (two dollar signs).

Radio interview to help small business owners and entrepreneurs


Listen to the June radio interview with Wendy Sellers, author of Suck It Up Buttercup.

Author Interview: Why "Suck It Up:?

Author, Suck It Up Buttercup

Listen to Wendy explain why she says "Suck It Up, Buttercup" (Hint: you might be part of the problem!)

HR Talk! Podcast

A$$holes in the workplace cost you money


A**holes in the workplace (particularly managers), breweries, retaining awesome employees, having discussions with sh*tty employees, a possible HR Lady roadshow; this was a really cool and eye-opening podcast. And I bore easily. Not your typical approach to workplace and HR-related issues. Click here for the podcast.


Assholes in the Workplace

Looking to find information on dealing with asshole employees or asshole leaders? Grab a mirror! You might be part of the problem. Speak up - respectfully. Take action - intentionally. Affect change - or leave!