Wendy Sellers' 2nd Book Available Now on Amazon

The Asshole Whisperer contains true stories and tips to deal with crappy leaders and jerks at work. You will learn how to use corporate values to hold people at work accountable for their conduct, how to give feedback about attitudes or behavior, and how to quickly assess and utilize personality traits to your benefit. Why? So, you can meet your goals and deadlines and to put it simply, get shit done. 

What is an asshole whisperer in the workplace?

What is an asshole whisperer and why do I want you to be The Asshole Whisperer at work? According to dictionary.com, a “whisperer” is a person skilled in taming or training a specified kind of animal, typically using body language and gentle vocal encouragement rather than physical contact. 

Therefore, in work life, The Asshole Whisperer will be one human taming another human or set of humans who exhibit a crappy attitude and shitty behavior regardless of their technical work performance.  

This very quick read is less than 10,000 words - there is no excuse to not read it!


The Asshole Whisperer

An Editor's Review

Reading “The Asshole Whisperer” was a wonderful experience for me. The author’s sarcasm and sense of humor were quite interesting and refreshing. There were so many quips inserted in the most unexpected place yet her message of the book was crystal clear. It very clearly captured the types of personalities people encounter in their day-to-day activities, and brought them into the work dimension. These ‘assholes’ are a part of our lives that we can’t escape, they are always everywhere. However, it is how we deal with them that makes the difference. Do we set them straight? Do we kick them out of our lives? Or do we allow them to stay and treat us like crap? It all depends on our individual choices.  “

The Asshole Whisperer” offers  insights on how to deal with “assholes” at your workplace in very effective ways. It also teaches how to take responsibility when dealing with these “assholes”.

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