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Testimonials for Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady

We have been a client of Wendy Sellers for several years and will remain one for many more. Her wealth of expertise and knowledge in the HR industry has played a significant role in the growth of our company in establishing a culture we love, with a focus on the wellness and happiness of our staff. Her top priority for her clients is their success and she truly becomes a member of your leadership team. We appreciate that she educates us on best practices & explains all of our options so we can make educated decisions instead of telling us what to do. 

My employees were not communicating well with each other and things got to a crisis point where two wanted to quit. I had met Wendy years ago and was impressed. I called her for HR advice, she met with my staff, had several management training sessions (on DiSC personality styles). We got all the issues on the table, had fun, and improved communication. My staff is happy, morale is high, and we are finally working as a team, which in turn makes me and my patients happy. I highly recommend her.

Thank you for the informative classes. I found your teaching style engaging and effective. I look forward to reviewing all of the resources you have given us,  and to continuing to learn from you. I learned so much from the course and from the other interactions with the other attendees.

– Production Supervisor, Americas, 

International Power Plant Organization

IIf your business has not incorporated its values more deeply into all aspects of the company, Wendy will share with you how to do that. From interviewing, on-boarding, hiring vendors, and communicating with clients, your company values should be ingrained through out and she’s a great guide.

As a business owner,  I know my limits when it comes to skills that are not my expertise, such as HR functions.  I respect & appreciate Wendy’s no-nonsense approach to assessing & assisting me with how to efficiently & effectively communicate. Wendy’s latest offering of virtual HR services is a no-brainer for employers of ANY size. 

Wendy gets it. She understands the stress I am under and how to address the business & employee challenges from hiring to firing. She uncomplicates laws and procedures and finds unique and compliant ways to help me achieve my business goals – including lowering turnover. She is my go to business source when my blood pressure rises!

You must get to know Wendy! People gravitate toward Wendy, because she is REAL. As a respected and in-demand HR expert, Wendy has helped hundreds of companies, both large and small, take care of their most important asset — their people. She asks the right questions to get to the heart of any HR or personnel issue you might be having.

Wendy is an exceptional HR consultant. She communicates directly and succinctly and knows how to train, motivate and lead employees through organizational change. I have worked with Wendy for over a year now and often turn to her for HR advice. I highly recommend her for consultation, management training, department turn-arounds, and public speaking engagements.

As an HR consultant, Wendy has been a great help to me and my management team. She is extremely professional and knows how to obtain results. She introduced several management practices to establish optimal results in staffing, training and mentoring employees. – Owner

Wendy is an engaging and relatable speaker! She presented to an audience of over 100 attendees at our annual seminar this year. She knocked it out of the park! She conveyed her message in a clear, concise and, often humorous manner. We were lucky to have her and look forward to inviting her again in the future. It’s obvious what her passion is…she’s truly the “HR Lady.”

This HR lady is a great speaker ! she is talented, knowledgeable, energetic, and funny. She keeps the audience engaged – she can certainly deliver her message. 

Wendy has been a great help to me and my management team. She is extremely professional and knows how to obtain results. She introduced several practices to establish optimal results in staffing, training and mentoring employees.

She is a make-it-happen kind of board member and her gifts have served this organization well. In addition to the many talents she has to offer, this HR Lady is a great speaker. She keeps the attention of the audience and has an engaging style that delivers knowledge with high energy and humor. HR professionals all around the country will enjoy her presentations on Leadership and other HR topics that Wendy has to offer. You will be delighted when she delivers one of her presentations for your conference or organization!

Wendy is awesome and tailored training to our needs. We have a great deal of trust with her. – Human Resources, Rosen Hotels & Resorts. 

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Wendy Sellers. Her knowledge of HR and expertise in team and pperational advisory development was a huge advantage to our entire office. Wendy always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of others. I am looking forward to more projects with Wendy.

On the topic of human behavior & communication, Suck it up Buttercup nails it! Wendy points out the most commonly overlooked flaws people make. She gives examples I know I was able to relate to (many were similar to experiences I’ve had) and points out where most mistakes were made. She also gives great examples of how interactions should have gone to get better results. -Chris W

Wendy helped redefine our interview/hiring process, employee review & evaluation process, organized benefit committees, corporate HR events, and was open and honest in all our discussions and interactions. Through our time together, we only had one major employee issue that I can recall. She handled the situation with extreme professionalism and ensured the company followed the correct procedures to manage the company’s risk, while serving the employees’ rights.

Wendy brings a level of passion and professionalism that companies seek out and enjoy working with. She’s top notch with her work ethic and was a pleasure to work with for many years.

Her book has opened my eyes in more ways than one. After receiving her book only weeks ago, I have already implemented ways to become a better leader. I have learned to drop my guard aka “pride” allowing my employees to be more open and willing to share. I have also increased my clientele tremendously with some of the tools she has shared. Wendy, I, my team and clients truly thank you!  Aaron A

The leadership concepts in the book “Suck It Up, Buttercup” really resonated with me as a fast-paced, direct leader myself. The manner in which Wendy Sellers delivers these leadership concepts is so simple that I had to kick myself for not making these realizations before. I bought a copy for each of my managers to read and discuss. 

Our overall company-wide productivity has already increased. – Vincent E

On Demand, Online Training Course Testimonials

This manager training will help me become a better leader by motivating employees, setting schedules for jobs in production, and giving them a timeline to complete each task. I have already changed my approach and processes and see better employee productivity results. – Line Lead, Manufacturing

This course taught me how to reframe conflict and not to see a conflicting situation in a negative light but to step back and reframe the situation in order to try to understand the situation from the other’s perspective. – Nursing Home Supervisor

The Professionalism, Trust, and Respect course was just what we needed. With everything going on in our country and across the globe, some conversations were getting a little too heated and disruptive. Now we use this course as a reminder to keep conversations professional and respectful so we can listen to others opinions (even when the opposite of ours) and retain trust. – Law Firm

I now realize I am often an enforcer and rarely a coach, so my takeaway is to practice being a coach. – Department Manager & Engineer

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