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The HR Lady shares hard HR and leadership lessons learned on your behalf in her book.

About The HR Lady


Wendy Sellers has a master's degree in Human Resources, a master's degree in Health Care Administration, is a passionate HR Consultant, Leadership Coach, author, and speaker. She has worked with hundreds of corporations and associations conducting management training, leadership development and HR advisory services. She has experience as an HR Executive/ Director, an HR Advisor, a Board Member and an adjunct faculty member.

While she is not looking to make history, she desires to be the change she wants to see in this world. She says, "I speak up and challenge the status quo. I ask controversial questions". She has helped hundreds of executives and leaders increase organizational productivity, leading to increased profits, and a strong bottom line. Wendy is a disruptor of traditional HR.

Affordable, effective and sustainable change starts here and now. Contact Wendy at The HR Lady, LLC. to discuss your needs. Review case studies on the download page.


As your realistic, witty and energetic consultant  or event speaker, Wendy is authentic and transparent - above all, she keeps it real. She is honest, loyal and direct - there is never any sugar coating


When Wendy says “Suck It Up, Buttercup”, this means you are about to hear all the facts, proposed solutions and possible consequences of your actions or inactions. Yes, this information may be painful to hear but in order to do the right thing we must look at every angle together. There is never a hidden agenda. Her focus is your bottom line.

Wendy has over 20 years’ experience in HR, change management, operations, strategy, corporate culture and leadership development in all size business (local startup to global enterprise) in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, professional services, higher education, federal contractors and government agencies.

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In additional to her formal education, Wendy is HR certified as an SHRM-SCP and SPHR, is health/life insurance licensed, is a Dale Carnegie course graduate, and is an active and past board member and volunteer for multiple non-profits and a National Speakers Association professional member.

Speaker Experience Sampling:

· UF Inspiring Women Leaders Conference 2019

· Lake Sumter Medical Society 2019

· CareerSource Polk Annual Conference 2019

· UCF College of Business, Keynote 2018

· Medical All Stars, Florida Expo 2018

· HR Florida Conference 2015-2018

· Jacksonville and also Space Coast SHRM Annual Conference speaker

· CareerSource Florida Workforce   Development Summit, 2016, 2017

· World at Works, Total Rewards 

   Conference 2015

· Flagler Thrive Business Summit, Keynote 2017

- Leadership Seminole, Orientation Kickoff Workshop 2016-2018

HR Expertise: Orlando-Tampa-Gainesville

Change Management

  • Organizational development: analysis and implementation for mergers, acquisitions, fast growth, downturns
  • Solid communication plans and transparency 
  • Corporate culture transformation (Read case study)
  • Employee engagement and productivity to improve the bottom line and the company brand
  • Developing company Values (expected behaviors)

HR Operations

  • New leadership/ ownership transition
  • HR efficiency planning (Read case study)
  • HR process analysis
  • Succession planning
  • 360 feedback surveys
  • Federal contractor compliance
  • Benefits review/ updates
  • Policy/ rules analysis & simplification
  • Legal compliance 

Leadership Development

  • Developing leaders through professional development (Read case study)
  • Establishing mutual trust, respect and open accountability
  • Handling personality challenges; (DiSC model)
  • Implementing effective meetings and followup
  • Conflict and dispute resolution
  • Understanding all generations in order to improve communication and productivity

Employee Relations

  • Communication planning, development and implementation
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys (and solutions)
  • Complaint investigations, resolutions and long term solutions
  • Developing employee orientation/ onboarding

Management Training

  • Interview do and don'ts
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • Layoffs and Terminations
  • Diversity and Anti-Harassment Workshops
  • HR compliance - simplified
  • Employee engagement

Team Building

  • Develop strong team relationships
  • Maintain excellent workplace relationships to improve productivity and revenue
  • Why? People do business and work hard for people they understand, trust and respect

Client Testimonial: 3000 employees

Wendy is an exceptional HR professional. She communicates directly and succinctly, and knows how to train, motivate and lead employees through organizational change. I have worked with Wendy for over a year now and often turn to her for HR advice. I highly recommend her for consultation, department turn-arounds, and public speaking engagements. 

(Vice President, St Petersburg College)

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Client Testimonial: 20 employees

Wendy has been a great help to me and my management team. She is extremely professional and knows how to obtain results. She introduced several practices to establish optimal results in staffing, training and mentoring employees.

(President, Property Management Firm)

People Leave Bad Managers

About The Book "Suck It Up, Buttercup"

Direct; Thought Provoking; Concise and Realistic Tips

This short book covers topics ranging from personality styles (how some personality styles rub people the wrong way) to communication (which almost always goes wrong) and lack of common sense. Chapter 10 is an "Acting Lesson" which challenges you to change (but only for 15 minutes a day). This thought-provoking book emphasizes that you must shut up and listen to be a leader people will follow.  

Wendy Sellers is an author, HR expert, speaker, consultant and Chief People Officer who is known as The HR Lady -  and is often heard saying "Suck It Up, Buttercup." The phrase has taken a whole new meaning. In the past, it was directed at what she believed were inept employees. Now it is directed at the true root cause:  leaders who are unwilling to consider others' ideas or perceptions.

Being relatable and understanding others is what leadership is all about. Wendy's business experience is real and was very painful to achieve. Her pain is your gain! Let's get to work and dare we say, we just might have some fun along the way. Enjoy the short book, it is straight-forward and humorous - which is exactly how she speaks.

Leadership Book Testimonials

Five Stars

Great leadership book! Easy read and made me really look at myself and others in leadership roles around me. - Judy B

Great Book

I would recommend this to all no matter what type of leadership role you are in. It was an eye opening concept. - Craig C.

I enjoyed reading this book

I enjoyed reading this book. Very insightful with a little bit of humor. Made me realize that I am fortunate to work for a great company/people (leaders) that follow this philosophy.

Real Leadership Advice

I love Wendy's no nonsense approach to leadership. I can see where I have fallen on both sides of the spectrum and the impact it had on employees. Thanks for keeping it real. - Anna T

Five Stars

If you want solid, straightforward advice from an HR pro about leadership, this book is for you! Ms. Sellers is charming, funny, and honest. Great read!

Concise, Direct Tips

Great book with concise, direct tips on how to be an effective leader and how to interact within a company with different personality types.

3 Things Leaders Should Know

Enjoy this 25-minute session on 3 Things Leaders Should Know: (1) Your personality annoys people (2) Common sense is not common and (3) You suck at communication. Read more in my book "Suck It Up, Buttercup."  

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