Affordable, virtual HR is here!

Are you a small business that is not big enough for strategic, experienced HR yet you need expert advice for employee challenges?  Do you need a personal HR coach?

 Nationwide, virtual HR services has arrived: including manager advisory services and virtual, live, interactive training at an extremely affordable rate  with no long term contract.


$850 per quarter for less than 25 employees
$1000 per quarter for 26-49 employees
$1250 per quarter for 50-74 employees
$1500 per quarter for 75-100 employees

Wendy Sellers is The HR Lady®

Wendy Sellers, MHR, MHA, SHRM-SCP,  SPHR  has a master's degree in Human Resources, a master's degree in Health Care Administration, is a passionate HR Consultant,  Trainer, Advisor, Leadership Coach, Author, and Speaker. She has worked with hundreds of corporations and associations conducting management training, leadership development and  HR advisory services leading to positive and productive corporate cultures. She has experience as an HR Executive and Practitioner,  an HR Advisor, a Board Advisor/ Board Member, and an adjunct faculty member.  

While she is not looking to make history, she desires to be the change she wants to see in this world. She says, "I speak up and challenge the status quo. I ask controversial questions. I correct facts".  She has helped hundreds of executives and leaders increase organizational productivity, leading to increased profits, and a strong bottom line. Wendy is a funny, direct consultant and speaker - and a true disruptor of traditional HR.  "Relate, Advise, Lead... with No Sugar Coating." Affordable, effective and sustainable change starts here and now. 

Downloadable resume here and speaker bio here.

Contact Wendy at The HR Lady, LLC. to discuss your needs.  Affordable and effective. 407.493.1582 call or text today.

5 Ways to Destroy Your Company

HR help for small business is here

People Leave Bad Managers

Culture runs the show

Improve the culture at your business and improve productivity - as well as your sanity.

Welcome to the team. You are on probation!

We spent thousands to recruit and even more to brand our culture as awesome but ruin it all with one word - probation.

Company Vision: It is vital!

According to a survey of 23,000 employees conducted by Harris Interactive, only 37% of employees actually understood what their employer was trying to achieve. How can you fix this? Talk about the Vision often – have it on meeting agendas and email signatures. Talk about it in performance meetings. Discuss it interviews. Use it as reasons to tell employees yes or in some cases - no.

Can your organization describe your company vision in one sentence?  Wendy can help in just 3 work sessions.