Client reviews

IT Consultant Company

We have been a client of Wendy Sellers for several years and will remain one for many more. Her wealth of expertise and knowledge in the HR profession has played a significant role in the growth of our company, in establishing a company culture we love and in the wellness and happiness of our staff. Her top priority for her clients is their success and she truly becomes a member of your leadership team.  We love her.

Concierge Physician

My employees were not communicating well with each other and things got to a crisis point where two wanted to quit. I had met Wendy years ago and was impressed. I called her for HR advice, she met with my staff, had several training sessions (on DiSC personality styles). We got all the issues on the table, had fun, and improved communication. My staff is happy, morale is high, and we are finally working as a team, which in turn makes me and my patients happy. I highly recommend her.

Technology Executive

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Wendy Sellers. Her knowledge of HR and expertise in team and Operational advisory development was a huge advantage to our entire office. Wendy always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of others. I am looking forward to more projects with Wendy.

Small Business Owner

If you do business in Central Florida, or want to, you must get to know Wendy! People gravitate toward Wendy, because she is REAL. As a respected and in-demand HR expert, Wendy has helped hundreds of companies, both large and small, take care of their most important asset — their people. She asks the right questions to get to the heart of any HR or personnel issue you might be having.

State College

Wendy is an exceptional HR consultant. She communicates directly and succinctly, and knows how to train, motivate and lead employees through organizational change. I have worked with Wendy for over a year now and often turn to her for HR advice. I highly recommend her for consultation, training, department turn-arounds, and public speaking engagements.

Property Management Firm

As an HR consultant, Wendy has been a great help to me and my management team. She is extremely professional and knows how to obtain results. She introduced several management practices to establish optimal results in staffing, training and mentoring employees.

Remote or Onsite? That is your choice.

Transparency with fee's

Do you need expert HR advice for employee drama, supervisor training, and communication challenges? Do you need help with hiring and firing? Are you in need of a policy handbook or assistance with recruiting and staffing?  Consider The HR Lady® your HR helpline.

Nationwide, virtual, live, interactive HR services & training is here, finally - and at an extremely affordable rate with no long term contract. The same services offered to large companies are yours on a live, virtual, remote basis

Also offering personal coaching for people in new HR roles at the same rates. HR responsibilities vary and cannot be learned without coaching, training, college courses or many years of experience. Use Wendy's experience as your own.

  • $850 per quarter for less than 25 employees for virtual/ remote services
  • $1000 per quarter for 26-49 employees  for virtual/ remote services
  • $1250 per quarter for 50-74 employees  for virtual/ remote services
  • $1500 per quarter for 75-100 employees  for virtual/ remote services

  • $850 per month for less than 25 employees for onsite & remote services combination
  • $1000 per quarter for 26-49 employees  for onsite & remote services combination
  • $1250 per quarter for 50-74 employees  for onsite & remote services combination
  • $1500 per quarter for 75-100 employees  for onsite & remote services combination

Want remote HR help but onsite training?   Pay quarterly for remote HR help and as needed for onsite training. Training rates are here.

Onsite HR and Management Training Starting at $750

2-hour interactive trainings

Begins at $750 (one or more topics). 

Unlimited attendees. 

1/2 day (4-hour) workshops

Begins at $1250 per 4-hour session. 

Unlimited attendees. 

Full day (8-hour) programs

Begins at $1800  per 8-hour session. 

Unlimited attendees. 

Manager Topics

Training and HR advice ranging from hiring and motivating employees; performance management and communication; conflict resolution and termination. 

HR Topics

Includes Department of Labor regulations, Equal  Employment Opportunity Commission compliance and HR best practices to stay out of hot water and court.

Employee Topics

The HR Lady will work with you to customize a training and consulting program with topics that are most impactful to your attendees. A few ideas can be found here.