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Look no further as Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady®, is here to transform your organizations success story. Wendy is an HR consultant, conference speaker, educator, author, and podcast host specializing in attracting and retaining talent by educating and developing managers, business owners and employees too. Her approach will help revolutionize hiring and retention, hold your team accountable, deliver effective feedback, and elevate employee performance and behavior. 

With over 25 years of experience, Wendy has worked in many areas of HR, such as operations, downsizing, change management, corporate culture, coaching, training, education, and leadership development. She has served businesses of all sizes, from local startups to global enterprises. Wendy has worked in and across diverse industries, including healthcare, dental, professional services, technology, manufacturing, construction, engineering, non-profit, higher education (college & universities), federal contractors, public safety, and government agencies – to name a few. 

Don’t settle for mediocrity – contact Wendy today to embark on the journey to unparalleled effectiveness to optimize your company culture. Transform how HR and managers operate and unlock your company’s full potential and success in today’s competitive landscape. 

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What Is Your Employee Engagement, Attraction and Retention Strategy?

The Great Resignation May Have Stalled, but Quiet Quitting Has Not

– In 2022, 50.6 million US workers quit their jobs. 

– This has stalled slightly in 2023 however, employee engagement continues to decrease.

– In 2023, 47% of US and Canadian workers (onsite, remote, and hybrid) stated that they are actively looking for a new role with an intent to leave their current job.

– Across the US and Canada52% of workers are not engaged, and another 17% are actively disengaged but still employed (aka quiet quitting) – Gallup source.

– Cultural change and managerial training are necessary if you want to improve employee engagement, productivity, innovation, attraction, and retention.

Employee Engagement Is Low and Stress Is High

-Only 31% of employees and managers are “thriving at work”; the stats are lower for onsite workers at only 27%. The main reasons are:

(1) Engagement/ culture (2) Pay and benefits (3) Wellbeing/ Work-life balance.

-Workers feel undervalued, unsupported and/or disconnected from their team; this includes all workers: onsite, remote, and hybrid. 

-Managers are also actively disengaged, but don’t blame them; they are stressed. In the US and Canada, 56% of actively disengaged managers (51% of employees) report stress at work. Engagement and stress are connected. Your management policies and practices can affect both.

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