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Dominant, direct leaders who don't get emotional get the job done, right? Take charge and cut to the chase, right? Other people who allow their emotions to get in the way of business need to just "suck it up." Right? Wrong

Suck It Up, Buttercup. You might be part of the problem. 

This short book covers topics ranging from personality styles (how some personality styles rub people the wrong way) to communication (which almost always goes wrong) and lack of common sense. Chapter 10 is an "Acting Lesson" which challenges you to change (but only for 15 minutes a day). This thought-provoking book emphasizes that you must shut up and listen to be a leader people will follow.  

Wendy Sellers is an HR expert know as The HR Lady who and is often heard saying "Suck It Up, Buttercup." The phrase has taken a whole new meaning. In the past, it was directed at what she believed were inept employees. Now it is directed at the true root cause:  leaders who are unwilling to consider others ideas or perceptions.

In other words, discover how to NOT be an a$$hole leader!  All leadership books should be direct, short and realistic. Who has time to read these days?

Leadership Book Testimonials

Five Stars

Great leadership book! Easy read and made me really look at myself and others in leadership roles around me. - Judy B

Great Book

I would recommend this to all no matter what type of leadership role you are in. It was an eye opening concept. - Craig C.

I enjoyed reading this book

I enjoyed reading this book. Very insightful with a little bit of humor. Made me realize that I am fortunate to work for a great company/people (leaders) that follow this philosophy.

Real Leadership Advice

I love Wendy's no nonsense approach to leadership. I can see where I have fallen on both sides of the spectrum and the impact it had on employees. Thanks for keeping it real. - Anna T

Five Stars

Well written with great information for small business owners. - Susie B

Concise, Direct Tips

Great book with concise, direct tips on how to be an effective leader and how to interact within a company with different personality types.

Leadership lessons for the corporate world

Amazon Review: A great book for anyone in the workforce who is looking to become a more effective leader. The author offers useful advice to become a better communicator, sharing her own personal experiences on how she became better at getting her message through to employees and motivating others to get the job done. This book provides practical information for leaders to get employees more engaged in the company's mission by properly communicating, and not just with words. The lessons here are critical for anyone in a leadership role, as mistakes can tarnish a company's entire reputation, making it more difficult to attract and retain the right employees. - Lisa B

Suck It Up, Buttercup - Author Interview

What do you mean when you say Suck It Up?


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